Do you want treatment or recovery? Holistic cardiology helps restore health and wellness with lifestyle adjustments

Your doctor might be killing you. According to a doctor of osteopathic medicine, these professionals are trained to diagnose and treat diseases, but are not trained to prevent it. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, recently interviewed Dr. Jack Wolfson about revealing the truth about what most doctors are doing, and how they can’t help people recover from sickness and disease.

Jack Wolfson is a holistic cardiologist in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Arizona. He gives lectures on healthy living and preventing diseases naturally at national media or live events around the world to audiences of physicians, corporates, and those interested in another path outside of Big Pharma. Dr. Wolfson is proud to be one of the few holistic doctors who are not sponsored by any pharmaceutical company.

There are other ways to treat and recover from a disease, and your doctor might not be telling you about it. After four years of medical school, three to four more years of internal medicine, and another three to four years of specialization, doctors almost never get trained on nutrition and disease prevention. According to Dr. Wolfson, the best disease prevention methods are good nutrition, avoiding harmful toxins and chemicals, sleeping well, getting enough sunshine, and regular physical activity. Then again, most doctors won’t tell you that.

Conventional cardiology is a practice that is killing millions by giving the people wrong information, and leading them to an early death, when it could be prevented and treated naturally in the first place. Dr. Wolfson says he has the right to make such a statement because he, a cardiologist himself, has “been there and done that.” He calls himself the “ultimate insider” who has seen it all, and even goes as far as calling other doctors “glorified pill pushers.”

These doctors, as revealed in the interview, are owned by the pharmaceutical giants. All they have to do after graduating from their medical studies is to set up a clinic, wait for patients to come in, prescribe them some pills, and see them off. At the end of the day, the patient leaves feeling relieved that they’ll soon get better, and the doctor leaves with a wad of cash from both the patient and the drug company.

To better understand the intentions of most doctors, it must also be understood that there is no money in natural health, especially for pharmaceutical giants that only develop drugs to sell and not to cure. There are already many studies that these commercial medicines are causing harmful side effects to the point of intoxication, and at times, death. It is simpler to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease, than to live a life of detrimental choices and regret being diagnosed with sickness later on.

Most of us only seek doctors because we are already experiencing discomfort or pain from an illness or disease, when we could have prevented it by making the right and natural choices. Living a healthy lifestyle is as basic as it is instinctual. It is a matter of choosing natural food over heavily-processed food; choosing to use the stairs instead of riding the elevator; and choosing to be surrounded by people who support your lifestyle and live the same as you do. Health should be part of a normal life, and not the goal of life.

Watch the Health Rangers interview with Dr. Wolfson in its entirety, below.

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