Husband and wife ditch fancy house and cars to live happily in a van

If life is getting too stressful for you, you may want to consider selling your house and downscaling your life to fit in an old trailer. In an article on, business owner and blogger Sheena Armstrong talked about how in 2016, she and her husband did a full overhaul on their lifestyle, ditching their house to move into a 40-year-old Airstream trailer.

“We realized that we found true contentment when we took vacations and spent time outdoors exploring, seeing new things, and living in the moment, not when we were spending days stuck in traffic, sitting in a cubicle, or staring at the TV screen,” Armstrong wrote. “After we decided it was time for a change, we spent years downscaling and dreaming, sketching, and reading about tiny homes. The one thing we couldn’t decide on was where to build our tiny home. Then it hit us. Why not build our home on wheels? That, to us, would be the ultimate act of freedom.”

When they realized that living in a house on wheels was the best thing for them to do, the couple bought a vintage trailer that they would spend the next seven months molding into the picture-perfect home they now live in today. At the same time, Armstrong’s husband started to look for remote work: a new career for a new lifestyle.

Armstrong confessed that moving into their dream home wasn’t as easy as people may think. Rescaling their life and reacquainting themselves with a smaller space was as exciting as it was challenging — and sometimes even frustrating. “Working, eating, sleeping, and exercising — all the things we’d always taken for granted — suddenly became activities we had to relearn in a small space,” she shared.

The couple worked through the difficulties and eventually found their groove, mastering their new nomadic lives as if they’d been living in a trailer all along. As Armstrong shared, they ended up loving every little thing about their trailer. They also realized that their entire home was only a fraction of the cost of one of the cars they owned before. Because of this, Armstrong appreciated the value of simplicity.

“Our minds are clear and the anxieties we once thought were a normal part of existence are gone. This whole experience has led us to a deeper understanding of what’s really important in this life — accumulating experiences, not stuff,” Armstrong shared.

Nomads for the new age

Armstrong and her husband are one of the growing number of people who are eschewing materialism in favor of a simpler minimalist lifestyle. Many young couples and families are selling their possessions in favor of having more freedom and mobility.

Tech entrepreneur Garrett Gee and his wife Jessica are another example of one such couple. In 2015, the couple sold their gadgets, cars, clothes, and furniture, and used the money they earned  to travel full-time with their two young children. Since then, the family has been completely nomadic, living in rentals and hotels all over the world — from Southeast Asia, to Europe, to French Polynesia.

Living with less possessions actually has its benefits. An article on lists six ways that a decluttered life may be better. Among these benefits include improved concentration, a boost in creativity, better sleep quality, a better mood and self-esteem, emotional cleansing, and the ability to focus more.

With such appealing benefits, it’s no wonder that there aren’t more people living out of trailer homes and backpacks. These new nomads may just be onto something.

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